The Celebrations

The Celebrations

2019 – A milestone year for Austin Seven Anniversaries

1. The 2019 Rugby World Cup

2019 sees the celebration of the 9th Rugby World Cup, and the first to be held in Asia. The last Rugby World Cup in 2015 was held in England and provides the natural starting point for the 2019 rally. The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup, to be held in Japan from September 20 to November 2. This will be the first time the tournament is to be held in Asia, the first time consecutive tournaments have been staged in the same hemisphere, and also the first time that the event will take place outside the traditional heartland of the sport.

2. 80 years – the end of Seven production

_dsc2551_28022736051_oSome 290,000 Austin 7 cars were produced by Sir Herbert Austin’s company between 1923 and 1939 and about 8,000 are thought to still exist worldwide. They came in a variety of models that included saloons, tourers, sports cars and vans. Since its birth the Austin 7 has been driven up mountains, across seas, through rivers, around racing circuits, into war zones and into history books. It is still being used for adventures all over the world.

3. 90 years – Gladys de Havilland’s journey

Gladys de havillandIn 1929 Gladys de Havilland became the first woman to drive an Austin Seven around the world. This was then followed by Hector MacQuarrie who after battlingSinkingOfTahiti2 cropped with a crossing of Australia eventually completed his own round the world journey despite the loss of his Austin Seven with the sinking of the liner SS Tahiti in 1930.

4. 60 years – Coleman’s great driveColeman car

In 1959 John Coleman followed T.S. Schiffley’s journey from Buenos Aires to New York. His actual car is proudly on display at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon.

5. 80 years – the start of the 750 Motor Club

The 750 Motor Club is still one of the leading clubs in the UK supporting the Austin Seven and motor sports in general.